Thursday, November 13, 2014

100 Things to Do Before High School

This week, Nickelodeon debuted a new movie called 100 Things to Do Before High School. It's the pilot of an upcoming show of the same name from Scott Fellows, creator of Ned's Declassified, Johnny Test, and Big Time Rush, and former head writer on The Fairly OddParents, all shows I like, though Johnny Test has gotten so bad that I stopped watching it. I'll still watch the older episodes because I like them but a year ago, I finally decided that the newer ones aren't worth my time anymore. I could write an entire post on Johnny Test, but that's not why we're here. Get my review on 100 Things below the break.

100 Things to Do Before High School follows C.J. Martin and her friends, Fenwick Frazier and Crispo Powers as they navigate through middle school. They try to make the most of their middle school years by using a list of challenges as a guide.

This review will have a summary of the pilot at some point but I can't remember all the details. I might wait until one is somewhere online unless it comes back to be before that.

I really enjoyed watching this. The humor style was similar to that on Ned's Declassified and Big Time Rush, which should come as no surprise because, as I said, they were all created by Scott Fellows. I also enjoyed the story. If you like any of Fellows' previous shows, you might like this. I'm looking forward to the series, which premieres early next year.

Final Score: 3.2/5

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