Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 5 Cartoon Network Shows

One of my favorite channels growing up was Cartoon Network, and I still love it today. I'v decided to count down my favorite Cartoon Network shows, with some honorable mentions. Get it below.

5. Regular Show

Regular Show has been airing since 2010. It follows the lives of Mordecai, a blue jay, and Rigby, a raccoon. Their attempts to slack off usually lead to surreal and extreme adventures. Basically, this show is anything but regular. Their slacking off is much to the chagrin of their boss Benson, a gumball machine. Other characters include Skips, a yeti, Pops, a lollipop shaped man, Muscle Man, an obese, green skinned man, Fives, a ghost, and Thomas, a goat who is an intern working at the park (until the episode The Real Thomas, all I'm going to say about that). What I really like about this show is that it's main characters slack off, but it still finds a way to be interesting. I look forward to seeing more. Watch it if you haven't already.

4. Chowder

Chowder aired from 2007-2010. The series followed an aspiring young chef named Chowder and his adventures as an apprentice at Mung Daal's catering company. He means well, but often gets into trouble because of his big appetite and the fact that he's a scatterbrain. Other characters include Mung, the owner of the catering company, Schnitzel, a talking rock who only says radda (except in the episode The Trouble With Truffles because he finally gets calm enough to use other words), Truffles, Mung's wife who handles the business side of the catering business, Gazpacho, a wooly mammoth who sells produce at the farmer's market, and Panini, who thinks she and Chowder are boyfriend and girlfriend, which Chowder responds to with "I'm not your boyfriend!" I really like the humor of this show. I also like the way it breaks 4th wall, especially in the episodes Brain Grub and Shopping Spree. Chowder was definitely one of Cartoon Network's best.

3. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends aired from 2004-2009. It was set in a world where imaginary friends and humans coexist with each other and is set in an orphanage designed for outgrown or abandoned imaginary friends. It is run by Madame Foster, the owner, her childhood imaginary friend Mr. Herriman, who strictly enforces the rules, and her granddaughter Frankie, who handles day to day operations. Other characters include Bloo, a blue blob that's constantly getting into trouble, Mac, a boy who created Bloo, and the home won't let anyone adopt him as long as he visits every day, Wilt, a tall, caring, basketball playing friend, Eduardo, a Spanish/Latino guardian friend who seems like a monster but wouldn't hurt a fly, and Coco, a bird-airplane-palm tree friend who can only say and write her name. I really like the imagination put into this show. The writers always find a friend to fit some senario, and in interesting ways too.

2. Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory aired from 1996-1998, had a TV movie in 1999, then had more episodes from 2001-2003. The series followed Dexter, a boy genius with a secret laboratory. His experiments are often ruined by his annoying sister Dee Dee. Other characters included Dexter's parents and his rival Mandark. This show was one of Cartoon Network's funniest. I liked how even though he was a genius, that Dexter was naive. And Dee Dee ruining his plans added a charm to the show. People say Chris Savino ruined the show when he became showrunner but I actually like his episodes. I agree they're not as good as when Genndy Tartakovsky was in charge but I don't think they were that bad.

Honorable Mentions

Of course, there are some other shows that deserve attention. Here are some honorable mentions:

Johnny Bravo:

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Codename: Kids Next Door

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Camp Lazlo

Adventure Time

The Amazing World of Gumball

Steven Universe


1. The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls aired from 1998-2005, with specials in 2009 and 2014. It followed Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three superheroes who saved the city of Townsville from crime. They were created by Professor Utonium, who wanted to use sugar, spice, and everything nice to create the perfect little girl,but he accidentally added an extra ingredient known as Chemical X, and thus The Powerpuff Girls were born. Other characters include their teacher Miss Keane, the mayor of Townsville and his assistant Miss. Sara Bellum, and many villains. What I like about the Powerpuff Girls is that although they seem harmless, they can really teach the bad guys a lesson (especially Bubbles in the episode Bubblevicious). Sometimes, I like to think of PPG as the original My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Both were originally thought to only appeal to girls, but they also attracted boys and adults. There was a new CGI special this year and I thought it was okay. There's a reboot coming in 2016 and I'm looking forward to it.

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