Monday, April 20, 2015

Commenting Rules

I decided that I should lay out some rules for commenting on this site. No one has caused any problems, but I figured I should probably lay out some rules before anyone does. If you move your cursor over a comment and click on the down arrow, you'll see an option listed as "Flag as inappropriate" (or, if you're not logged into Disqus/don't have an account, you'll just see the flag by moving the cursor over the comment). I read all the comments, but I miss things sometimes, so if you think someone is breaking the rules, please flag them. If you sou break any rules, I will give you warnings to stop. If it goes on long enough, you will be banned. It may be temporary at first, but if it keeps up, it will be permanent. Get the rules below.

No drama/fighting: I want the comments to be a fun pace. If people are causing problems, I'll issue warnings for it to stop, but if that doesn't work, I might ban those causing it.

No trolling: If you are trolling, or intentionally posting hate comments, action will be taken. If fI know who you are, then I might give you a chance to stop, but I will ban you if I have to. If you troll as an anon, then you will be banned without warning.

No getting around bans: If you receive a user ban and try to get around it by creating a new account or commenting as an anon, then you will receive an IP ban. If you wish to be unbanned, I have links to my other accounts on the sidebar, so you can contact me there instead of illegally getting around it.

Be respectful of differing opinions: Civil disagreements (both with me and others) are fine, but if you can't do that, it will not be allowed to stand.

No illegal uploads of full episodes: You can link it if it's from an official source, but I'm not looking to encourage piracy here.

No spam: Any kind of spam (whether it's posting a bunch of comments in a row or whatever spam bots usually do) does not have a place here and will be promptly deleted.

No calling out violators: I can understand if you're trying to help, but please just flag any violators and I'll deal with them as soon as I can.

I may add more rules as time goes on, but for now, this is what you should follow.

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