Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How will The Splat launch? #2

A couple days ago I wrote a post about a new channel Nickelodeon is launching called The Splat. I wrote about how I thought it would replace TeenNick. Now it might be based on a lie. Yesterday Variety reported that it's going to be a programming block. It did not say what channel it would be on or what times it would air and stuff like that. MTV reported that it will be a channel and given available information I don't know what it could be. The other post will stay up regardless of what happens because I feel it was a good prediction with the information I had but I decided to write another post explaining why it could go either way.

Monday, September 14, 2015

How will The Splat launch?

Nick is apparently launching a new sister network called The Splat. Not much is known about it at this time. News of this surfaced on Friday. It included a website that had links to social media platforms and a video that I'll include below the break. and I initially assumed it was a rebrand of the 90s Are All That, but then yesterday MTV reported that it's a new channel for 1990s Nick shows. It's basically going to be Nick's version of pre-rebrand Boomerang. So far just Nicktoons have been confirmed to be on the channel but I haven't ruled out live action.

I decided to write a post on it where I make a prediction on something that will happen involving this channel. I could talk about whether or not I think this is a good idea or how I think it will do after a few years (though I might do a post on one of those some other time) but today I'm going to talk about how I think it will launch. how I think it will launch. Will it replace an existing channel and if so which one, or will it launch as a standalone channel with little availability?