Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How will The Splat launch? #2

A couple days ago I wrote a post about a new channel Nickelodeon is launching called The Splat. I wrote about how I thought it would replace TeenNick. Now it might be based on a lie. Yesterday Variety reported that it's going to be a programming block. It did not say what channel it would be on or what times it would air and stuff like that. MTV reported that it will be a channel and given available information I don't know what it could be. The other post will stay up regardless of what happens because I feel it was a good prediction with the information I had but I decided to write another post explaining why it could go either way.

First, the reason why this could be a block is simple: It makes more sense than a channel. As cool as a channel would be, after a couple of years, it might not be doing so hot. It would be nothing but reruns, which would bring in nostalgic fans at first, but a eventually they'll have relived the past and want to move on to other things. A way it could survive for more than a couple of years is if it served as a home for reboots of '90s Nick shows, and I could see that working out (though the Variety article says that it has nothing to do with that).

Now for why this could be a channel. First and foremost, Viacom isn't exactly known for making good decisions. I stated above why a channel might not work after a couple of years, but if it's Viacom we're talking about, that might not make a difference. Second, they're hyping this up a lot for just a block. I wasn't paying as much attention to this sort of stuff in 2011 as I do now, but I don't think they hyped up the '90s Are All That this much. The Splat Twitter feed also retweeted a tweet sharing the article from MTV that said it was a channel. The person that tweeted it (haley from Paramore) is someone I never heard of but her account is verified and she has over 4.1 million followers. The Splat then followed MTV News shortly after.

There's a third possibility that I didn't think much about until a few hours before writing this: MTV and Variety are BOTH right. I know this sounds impossible but I can explain. Nick at Nite is technically a programming block. It and Nick are classified as separate channels for ratings purposes. Same goes for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. The same thing could be happening with The Splat. TVLine says that The Splat will be a programming block on Nick. I don't know if that's right, but it makes me wonder if Nick at Nite is going down. Though it would bring into question why the terms of use page on The Splat's website mentions TeenNick. Maybe it's a reference to the '90s Are All That being on TeenNick?

So that's pretty much it. I cannot make an exact prediction just yet for all the reasons explain above. All that's certain is that it's going to happen in one way or another. I just hope it's not simply a rebrand of the'90s Are All That. It would be pretty disappointing.

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