Friday, December 11, 2015

Classic Review: My Little Pony Generation 1

I know I already did this but I can explain. I originally reviewed this over a year ago when I was still new to reviewing. My style has changed a bit as I saw how some YouTubers do it and I think I can do better now. The other reason is because my opinion on Tales and G3 have changed since I reviewed them. I don''t think they're awesome, but I actually like them now. I'll go a little more into them when I review them. So I'll be reviewing all pre-G4 My Little Pony generations again. Like last time, I'll be rolling them out throughout the weekend. If you liked my original reviews, don't worry. They're not going anywhere.

This of course will start with the 1980s My Little Pony series. It started with two specials that aired in 1984 and 1985. It was followed by feature film in 1986 then a TV series aired in syndication for 2 seasons from 1986-87. With that said, is it any good?
This series takes place in Ponyland, which is home to all kinds of magical creatures. Types of ponies include earth ponies, pegasus ponies, unicorns, flutter ponies, and sea ponies. With the exception of flutter ponies and sea ponies (who haven't appeared in G4) they're all similar to their G4 counterparts. In addition to ponies, other creatures include dragons (though the only one I've seen so far is Spike), bushwoolies, a species of furballs, and grundles, a species that used to live in a place called Grundleland before it became covered in smooze.

This generation is definitely the best pre-G4 generation. Like Friendship is Magic, the purpose was to sell toys, but it seems the writers but some effort into this as well. They include fantasy elements that will bring some older viewers in and they make an interesting struggle between the protagonists and the antagonists. Some of the resolutions are a little anti climactic but it's still good otherwise.

This series also has at least one song in every episode. Unlike G4, these songs aren't that memorable. They're not bad though, and there are actually a couple I really like, bit I don't think you'll remember this series for the songs. The rest of the series pretty much feels like a regular 80s cartoon, which I know some people don't like, but I like 80s cartoons for their simplicity.

Overall, if you're looking to watch a pre-G4 MLP series, this is the one I recommend. But if you hate 80s cartoons, then don't watch it. Like I said, this feels like an 80s cartoon so you probably won't like it if you hate 80s cartoons.

Final score: 3.5/5

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