Sunday, December 13, 2015

Classic Review: My Little Pony Generation 3

Out of all the My Little Pony generations, this is the one people hate the most. Most people complain that it's too girly and stupid. This was released as direct to video specials from 2003-09. Also, to clarify, I am not writing a separate review for G3.5. It's just the same characters with different looks so I think I can cover it in this review. So is this actually good, or is it as bad as people say?

For most of it's history, G3 didn't focus on a specific set of ponies. The main focus depended on what the special was about. One could be about Minty, one could be about Wysteria, and one could even be about Rarity. It wasn't until G3.5 when Hasbro redesigned the characters and limited the focus to 7 main characters: Cheerilee, Toola-Roola, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Starsong. The only special made in this time was Twinkle Wish Adventure.

I do agree with the haters that this is the lowest quality MLP generation yet. But I still don't think it's bad. I do have my issues with it (which I'll go into later), but the characters are nice and the songs aren't that bad. The theme song especially might give you nostalgia if you're my age, as I remember hearing it in commercials growing up.

I still do have my issues with G3. The characters are nice and I like them, but they're isn't a whole lot to them. Though it could've been worse, as there is still a difference in one big characteristic, like Rainbow Dash likes fashion (yes you read that right) and Pinkie Pie likes parties. The animation also could be better, but it's not terrible and I've seen worse.

This generation isn't for everyone. I can see why some don't like it, considering I used to not like it myself, but now I actually do enjoy it. It's not that good, but it's decent.

Final score: 2.7/5

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