Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finding Dory

I loved watching Finding Nemo growing up. I still love it today. When I was a kid, I was always unsure what my favorite movie is, but now I can definitely say that it's Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is a movie that didn't really need a sequel, but I'm always open to new installments of shows and movies I like. So when they announced Finding Dory in 2013, I said "Alright, hope it's good." 3 years later, and it's finally out. Initially, it was announced for last November, but swapped places with The Good Dinosaur (and I'm glad because likely due to too much competition it flopped, something I would've hated to see happen to this). So is it a good sequel? Or does it make Finding Nemo something that should've been left untouched?

Finding Dory focuses on Dory, who travels across the ocean with Marlin and Nemo to find her parents, who she got separated from when she was a kid. They go all the way to a conservatory in California called The Marine Life Institute, which houses sick and injured marine animals. Dory ends up going all over the place to try to find her parents. Meanwhile, Marlin and Nemo get separated from Dory and try to find her.

I'll start by saying what I thought about the story. I thought it was pretty good. I thought it was pretty well written and I enjoyed it. My one nitpick is that it made crossing the Pacific Ocean seem like no big deal, as oppose to the first movie, which in comparison wasn't far at all and put the characters through a lot. Pretty good otherwise, though.

Now for the characters. Dory was more of a comic relief character in the first movie, so you might wonder how they can make a good movie with her in the starring role. They actually pulled it off. We learn a lot about her character in she goes through some solid character development while still having the charm she had in the first movie. As for Marlin and Nemo, they're limited to smaller roles in this movie, but as I mentioned, they do have a subplot and I thought it was pretty good.

The movie also introduces some new characters that help Dory along the way and I liked them as well. As for what other characters from the first movie that appear in this one, most of them just appear in one scene. I also want to say something about that lesbian couple that got people angry. We actually don't know anything about them. I heard someone say it's open to interpretation, but they only have a brief cameo, so we don't know if they're a couple or not. I have a feeling most of the people that were angry just saw a picture and jumped to conclusions. I never even saw any credible sources say they were a couple so I wasn't sure myself.

There's also the animation. I thought the animation was great. Like the first movie, it did a good job pulling off the fish's anatomies while also being able to give them humanlike expressions. There were some pretty good visuals as well.

Overall, I thought this was a great movie. Still not as good as the first movie, but I liked it. Before I end this, I want to say there's an after credits scene, so don't leave when the credits start. I won't go into detail on what happens, but I will say that it felt a little weird being in the theater when the janitors started cleaning, but that might just be me because I never stayed for the whole credits before.

I also want to quickly say my thoughts on Piper, a short that played before the movie. It was cute, funny, and well animated. I'd give it a 3.5/5.

Final score: 4/5

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