Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Classic Review: KaBlam!

I never watched KaBlam! when it aired on Nick. It started a year before I was born, I was only 2 when it ended, and reruns stopped airing the same year I started watching Nick. I never watched it on Nicktoons either. Plus, despite running for 4 seasons, it somewhat faded into obscurity. Honestly, I never had that much interest in watching it until I found out it was going to air on The Splat as part of their Nicktoons 25th Anniversary celebration (and also in time for the show's 20th anniversary). So I decided to check it out because I knew people did like it and was curious myself. So is this show any good?

KaBlam! is a variety show, a genre I've never reviewed before, so I'm going to do this a bit different than usual. Instead of saying what the show as a whole is about and going into my thoughts, I'm going to write about each segment I saw and summarize my thoughts on each individual one, then say whether or not I like KaBlam! overall.

I'll start with the host segments. KaBlam! is hosted by 2 kids named Henry and June. They would turn the pages of a comic book to reveal the next cartoon. They also had their own subplots in between segments. These were probably my favorite  part of the show. I thought Henry and June were pretty good hosts and I enjoyed their own segments as well.

Next, we have Sniz & Fondue. It was about a pair of roommates who often got on each other's nerves. If you don't include the host segments, then this was probably my favorite segment. The title characters were fun, and I thought they're segments were pretty enjoyable.

Action League Now! seems to be the segment people remember the most, probably because it spun-off into it's own show. It was about a group of action figures who fought crime in the suburbs, despite being complete idiots. I really liked this one, too. I thought it was pretty funny. I also liked the animation. It used a style called chuckimation, where the characters are moved by unseen hands or thrown from off camera.

Life with Loopy is about 12 year old Larry and his strange experiences with his younger sister, Loopy. This one was decent. I wasn't a fan of the animation, but it was alright otherwise. Nothing special, but I'd watch it if it's on.

Finally, there's Prometheus and Bob. It was about an alien named Prometheus, who comes to Earth to teach a caveman named Bob everyday things. Honestly, I'm not sure what the point of this one was, but I laughed, so I guess it did what it was trying to do.

Overall, I thought KaBlam! was a pretty good show. It has pretty good hosts and enjoyable segments. If The Splat ever airs it again, I'll definitely be watching.

Final score: 3.3/5

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