Sunday, October 23, 2016

Classic Review: Ruby Gloom

Consider this my Halloween review (even though I've never done any actual seasonal reviews of any sort in the past). Ruby Gloom aired on YTV in Canada from 2006-08. However, it never aired in the U.S. Yet, from what I've seen, it still gained fans and even merchandise (apparently, it started out like that in 2002). Yet, it managed to go under my radar until the beginning of the month, when a friend I have on the ToonZone forums started using a picture of Ruby on her bike from the theme song as his avatar. Turns out, it's on Netflix (only the first season, though), so I decided to watch some episodes. Have I been missing out on something?

Ruby Gloom is a cheerful girl who likes to help her friends look on the bright side of every situation. She has a pet named Doom Kitty and lives in a mansion in Gloomsville with her friends Iris (who likes to find adventure), Misery (who inadvertently causes bad luck), Skull Boy (who can't decide what he wants to do), Frank and Len (conjoined twins who play guitar), Poe (a man, er, bird of culture and sophistication), and Scardey Bat (a bat who's afraid of almost everything).

The characters on this show were pretty good. They're pretty good and they bring something to the show. I also enjoyed the stories and humor as well. They were pretty fun and I found myself enjoying them. I liked the animation as well. It was flash, but they still did a good job with it.

Overall, I liked this show. I wonder why it never aired in the U.S. As long as it's online, I guess it doesn't matter that much.

Final score: 3/5

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