Sunday, October 2, 2016

Site Updates

I've just got through making a few additions to the blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about them.

First, I'll start by talking about what I plan on writing about next. I'm planning to tackle Mighty Magiswords (which just premiered on Thursday) sometime this month, and Milo Murphy's Law (which premieres tomorrow) sometime next month. (I could easily cover it this month, but I'd rather wait in case I can't come up with anything else for November). I also might cover KaBlam!, but that depends on whether or not it airs on The Splat next weekend like they say it will (currently, it's not showing up on any schedules and they've only mentioned it on Twitter). Initially, I wanted to cover Pelswick because it was scheduled to air on The Splat this weekend, but it got pulled. Hopefully, it will air on a later date and I can watch it then.

Now for the additions (which I've actually been meaning to do for ages but just got lazy and kept putting them off). First, I've added a new about page. The old one hadn't been touched since I opened this blog and was a bit outdated, and instead of editing it, I figured it would be best to just make a new one. Initially, I tried to make it a regular page, but for some reason, the comments were on Blogger instead of Disqus, so I had to make a regular post instead. If I can find a fix to that, I'll delete the post and move the content to the page.

The rest of the additions are on the sidebar. I'll talk about them from top to bottom. First, there's a translate feature, so if you're not very good at English, you can change it to a language you are good at. Of course, it's powered by Google Translate, so I can't promise the translations will be 100% accurate. Hopefully, you can at least figure out what I mean. Also, the comments remain in the language they were originally posted in, probably because they're run on a different system. I've also added a bar where you can enter your e-mail address and get notified whenever I make a new post. There's also a search bar in addition to the one at the top. The one at the top always gives me a message saying I'm sending it to a not secure form while the sidebar doesn't, so I personally find it to be less annoying.

I've also added a link to my Blogger profile, which includes below it the bio I wrote for my Blogger profile. That was originally there when I opened my blog almost 2 years ago, but I set up another account to make a joke post (that makes me cringe now), and since both profiles were showing up, I removed it. I've long lost the log in info for that account and didn't plan on doing anything else with it anyway, so I revoked it's author status and brought the profile link back to the sidebar.

That pretty much covers all the additions I've made. Hopefully, you like these new additions. I still got content planned that hopefully you all enjoy.

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