Monday, December 19, 2016


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On December 9, Nick debuted their first original animated TV movie, Albert. Created by brothers Will and Aaron Eisenberg, it was originally pitched as a feature film, but Nick ordered it as a TV movie instead. I know I've said before that Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners have left me a little less than optimistic for new animated content from Nick, but Harvey Beaks (despite Nicks's treatment of it) and The Loud House have helped. Albert was at least a success ratings-wise, with the premiere bringing in 2,403,000 viewers. But did the quality reflect these ratings?

Albert is a tiny Douglas fir tree. He has dreams of becoming Empire City's most famous Christmas tree. Then the search for this years tree begins, and Albert believes he found his chance, so he sets out for Empire City to make his dream come true.

I'll start by talking about the humor, which I thought was hit or miss. Some of it was good and I enjoyed it, but I though some of the jokes felt a little forced. It didn't by any means ruin the movie, but I don't think the the humor was the highlight of it either.

The characters were alright. Nothing that memorable, but I didn't hate anyone either. The animation was fine. I don't know what studio did it, but I think whoever it was did a good job. I thought the story was enjoyable, and there were songs that I thought were pretty good as well.

Overall, I liked Albert. Nothing spectacular or anything, but if Nick airs it again next year (and with the ratings it got, I wouldn't be surprised if they do), I'll probably make an effort to see it at least once.

Final score: 3.1/5

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