Monday, February 20, 2017

The Lion Guard

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A movie I've always liked is The Lion King. It's been a while since I've seen The Lion King 2 that I'm not going to make an opinion on it, but I also liked The Lion King 1 1/2. I also enjoyed the first Lion King based TV series, Timon & Pumbaa (even though I only saw some episodes when Disney Junior aired in in 2012). When The Lion Guard was first announced, I was initially going to pass on it since it was a Disney Junior show. Nothing against Disney Junior, but I kind of outgrew it back when it was Playhouse Disney. Though I haven't heard much bad things about their shows (I actually gave Sofia the First a favorable review once, though I'm honestly only interested enough to watch sometimes).

Then in summer 2015, I saw a preview that I actually thought pretty good. Suddenly, it became the first upcoming preschool show I was interested in in years (unless you count The 7D before it was announced for Disney XD instead). I saw the TV movie that started the series, then fell behind for a while due to laziness. But I'm caught up now. So is this show as good as the preview made it look?