Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bunsen is a Beast!

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There was once a time I considered Butch Hartman one of the best creators in the animation industry. But I don't think his work is that good anymore. I thought the older Fairly OddParents episodes and Danny Phantom were both great, but I find modern Fairly OddParents to be awful, and I liked T.U.F.F. Puppy at first, but it wasn't long before I feel that got bad as well. Because of his track record in recent years, I honestly didn't have much hope for his next show, Bunsen is a Beast!. But I still gave it a shot. So is this Butch getting better again? Or is it another example of how his work isn't good anymore?

Bunsen is a Beast! focuses on a blue monster named Bunsen, who is the first beats at a human school. He befriends a student named Mikey Munroe, who helps him navigate through school. A girl named Amanda doesn't want Bunsen there, however, and is constantly scheming to get rid of him.

I'll start by talking about the character designs. This show uses designs different from Butch's normal style, and while I don't see anything wrong with the designs on his other shows, I do like that he decided to use a different style and I think it came out good. As for the animation, this (along with some FOP season 10 episodes) are the first Hartman show to use flash. While I don't like how it cam out on FOP, I think it came out fine on Bunsen.

The characters themselves are alright. So far, I wouldn't consider most of them to be that great, but I'm not bothered by most of them. My favorite so far would probably be Darcy. She can be pretty funny and I have fun watching the show when she's on.

The humor in this show is hit or miss for me. There are jokes that I find to be meh or just plain unfunny. But the show also has it's fair share of jokes that do make me laugh.

Overall, I find this show to be okay. I don't think it's that great, but for the most part, I actually do enjoy watching it, and I'll continue to watch it. I do hope it can get better (admittedly, it has grown on me a bit since it premiered, so that's something) and I do hope it does well enough to add some more variety to Nick's schedule.

Final score: 2.8/5

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