Sunday, June 18, 2017

Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer

Image source: Disney XD
I wasn't sure what to expect from Billy Dilley. It did have my attention because it was created by Aaron Springer (who's known for his work on SpongeBob) and the writing staff has SpongeBob alumni on it. When the previews started being released, it didn't exactly get the most positive reaction, but I still went into it with an open mind.

Billy Dilley is a 7th grader who loves science. Him, his lab partners Zeke and Marsha, and his pet rat Anaximander are trapped during the summer in Subterranea-Tania, a world located in the Earth's core, after something during a ride in Billy's science fair project, The Cheeserator, goes horribly wrong.

I enjoy the humor in this show. I find it to be pretty amusing at times. I like the designs on this show as well. I think the character designs are pretty good, and I also like the designs for the settings.

I like the characters as well. I like Zeke and Marsha, and I find the supporting characters to be entertaining. A complaint I've seen a bit of is that Billy is annoying. I can see why people think that, but I'm actually not that bothered by him and I actually find him to be amusing at times.

Overall, I have been enjoying this show. I find it to be pretty enjoyable so far and I hope it gets a second season.

Final score: 3.2/5

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